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Samsung launched their most unique and powerful feature for Samsung smartphones which is Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay has got the ability to make the payments via phone which has been made possible with the help of NFC and older MST technology.

The mathematical problems can be represented in different ways, and one of them is the equations. The equations can be in the polynomial from, and it can be in different orders. The polynomial equation should have constant integers with variable derivatives. They do co-relate with one another using arithmetic operators.

A famous institute called Global Reach has created a fascinating record to serve the students who wish to study in a foreign location with effective career counseling and other relevant services for the last twenty-seven years. Headquartered in Kolkata, this company has also expanded its service in diverse cities of India such as Chennai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore and also in other countries like...

After developing a mobile app, its marketing is most important work for all startup companies. Without mobile app marketing, they can’t get benefits of their apps. So, everyone should make strategies for mobile app marketing. If you want to know how to create Mobile App Marketing Strategies then go through this blog.

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Magento Geo IP Default Store Switcher Extension allows you to give your customers region specific products and services. This extension detects the current location of the customers and redirects them to the specific store assigned for their region. This extension enables automatic and manual store switching.

In span of 20 years, Global Reach has attained the position of being one of the acknowledged overseas educational consultants in all over India. The productive work ambience and well trained experts are the assets of this institution.

After a long time, Apple has finally launched its new device "Apple Pencil." Apple pencil is somewhat like Samsung's S-Pen. Apple Pencil is made especially for iPad devices. It was peculiar that Apple pencil launched with iOS 11 because according to Apple the combination of iPad Pro, iOS 11 and Apple Pencil would be great.

Spatial Services that exploit or spread data spatially distributed over stationary or mobile devices in a given geographic area.

The leading names in GIS trust us. Apex Advanced Technology team has in-depth experience utilizing these platforms through decades of helping companies world-wide solve their GIS data challenges.

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The Fan Buddy is composed of two layers of filtration material. First and most importantly is a layer of PollenTec. It`s then sewn to a dense support layer of antimicrobial fire resistant filtration material. The combination of these two materials, coupled with the air flow power of a fan creates an incredible air scrubbing machine. Super air scrubbing for a fraction of the cost of...

Read more about YouTube looks to double user base in India, take it to 400 mn from 200 mn on Business Standard. YouTube, the video platform of Google says it expects its user base to double to over 800 million as more consumers, particularly in smaller towns and rural areas, get access to affordable internet that would help them access videos on their mobile

Have you recently bought a brand new iPhone 7 Plus in India? Now since you’ve already aware of the frenzy around the camera app of this particular iPhone, you should know how to use it to the best of its capabilities. The camera of the iPhone 7 is the best feature of the device. It includes dual lenses, and the secondary lens allows 2x optical zoom with 10x digital zoom modifier.

Modern website performance optimization covers advanced techniques used to improve HTML, CSS & Javascript in order to enhance the web performance. Chick to know more.

These unique pollen and dust filtering Pollen TEC Rolls are made up of 100% spun polyester that has a coating over it which makes it tough and durable. The rolls are easy to install on any window, door, balcony etc.Our screens are proven to capture up to 98% of airbone pollen allergens and both large and small particles in the air such as household dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, mold...